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4 Things You Can Learn as Marketer from Bowo Alpenliebe

By Dev Fazz - July 16, 2018
4 Things You Can Learn as Marketer from Bowo Alpenliebe

All Netizens in Indonesia currently keep talking about Bowo Alpenliebe, a 14 years old boy who is suddenly famous due to his emergence through Tik Tok. As we all know that Tik Tok is one of entertainment application that allows its user to create video powered by specific song or music.

This global community video application lets the user to impersonate, imitate, dance, and perform with various and attractive action. Just like Dubsmash or, Tik Tok has its own target and most people from various age level registered as its user, including the kids.

On the other hand, in here, we won’t be talking about the controversy of Bowo. What we’re going to wrap up is about, first of all, positivity behind Bowo when he actualized himself through social media as an influencer.

Second, we’d like to talk about how to make your product to be more interesting when you throw it on the market. We’d like to capture the value behind Bowo, and how we can adapt it into our marketing strategy to promote our products.

Then, let’s start the discussion!

As a marketer, you are in charge to ensure that marketing strategy you use can jack up the existence of the product and bring the benefit for the company. The power of persuading people and dragging them to our value is the core of our strategy. Thus, let’s analyze how Bowo Alpenliebe can align with the topic we bring this time.

Creativity is the first foundation!

Working within creative industry must be followed with creative minds. You are required to do research, apply, analyze and evaluate all theory you acquire and implement it within the business. 14 years old kid like Bowo must be very creative since he knows how to deal with technology and actualize himself like how to pose, how to move and what angle he must use to ensure his videos can entertain the users.

Creativity is more than just an idea. It requires research, evaluation, execution, and impression from others, which means creativity is something that can trigger society’s appreciation at the end. Thus, making an idea and execute it into campaigns or programs needs a long time process. Meaning that creativity is the basic variable that becomes starting point to compose marketing strategy.

Be unique!

Having uniqueness is an absolute factor when building a company or being a human. You can’t always imitate or impersonate others to live the life. You must be unique to compete. Just like a company. The uniqueness of its product must be powerful enough to attract the user, so they can be easily dragged to use your product.

Be unique can be defined as bringing your own characters to the market. It can be started with the function of the product, the value you carry, and the strategy of marketing you utilize.

For example, there are a lot of Fintech startups currently. The goal of all Fintech startups is to facilitate and accommodate our society to be bankable, able to access financial service from anywhere and become a smarter generation that applies Fintech in the daily life.

However, when all Fintech startups go with this value at the same time, it’s hard for the newcomer to compete, right? For example, PAYFAZZ leverages the potential of unbanked-community in each rural and remote are through friendly-app. This application can assist them to experience financial service by using technology.

Another example, in the delivery service industry, there are many examples like Ninja Van, Si Cepat, Go Send, Pop Box etc. If there is no specific value from each company then their marketing strategy won’t be working well.

Own your value and share it!

You don’t need to be a Superstar to inspire others, you only need to be yourself to start inspiring others. Just like Bowo, he’s just another Gen-Z who loves to do experiment with social media and technology. From this statement, we can analyze that everyone has value. One key to ensuring that the value is valuable by making it become unique. When the uniqueness has been set up, then share it. You just need to believe that the value is positive and worth to share.

Negativity is not always bad. It’s a supplement to grow you stronger!

In the case of Bowo, perhaps negativity from the outside i.e. bullying in social media or any bad comments from the haters can create deep agony for the subject. However, in the business, negativity from the outside can be one of the basic ingredients to compose a new strategy. Hard complains will be the best feedback from the user to our company, and when we have the capacity to accept and validate it, then it’s a good start to execute marketing strategy.

How about you? Do you have another permise from our discussion? Let’s share your insight below 🙂