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5 Movies You Can Watch After Long Holiday to Boost up Your Mood at Work

By Dev Fazz - January 8, 2018
film dan tips mood kerja

Holiday is a part of jackpot we deserve to get as employee. The moment you take annual leaves can recharge your soul and mind, not to mention it’s the right time to release your stress too.

During the holiday you will be acquiring extra energy, so after you get back to work, everything will be fresher.

Speaking about Holiday, there will be post-holiday syndrome where you still can’t move on from the pleasure of Holiday.

However, there are plenty of ways to encounter that post-holiday syndrome for example you can take some rests after having long holiday. You can also read some books that relates with your job at work to remind your duty. Maybe, you can watch some movies that have connection with your job.

Talking about movies, there are several titles you can use as reference to watch before coming to the office. Perhaps, you can watch them to give you more spirit to come to the office.


Basically, SPOTLIGHT spots on how Boston Globe uncovered the massive and the most phenomenal scandal about child-molestation around Boston.

Even if this movie highlights specific circumstance about investigation upon molestation by numerous Roman Catholic priests, but there are also many parts that expose the condition inside the office.

There are bunch of scenes that show how teamwork within their office happens and how they cooperatively work together as a team. Those scenes can inspire you to do more and to scale up your skill as individual and as a talent.


Anne Hathaway plays a very good role as a CEO in one of Ecommerce Company in USA, called About the Fit (ATF). She shows how a CEO can be such a multitasking person.

The movie really suits to the current condition where most of millennials love to work with fresh environment and cool boss.

The Intern captures how the condition of working inside an ecommerce. It really gives positive vibes for all of you. Even if you have different scenario with The Intern, at least you can take and apply positive vibes from the movie.


Rachel McAdams brings the audiences under her charm as usual. She plays a role as Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams), a new executive producer of DayBreak. Through the movie, you can see how Becky can be an independent strong woman who dedicates her life at career.


Even if this isn’t a new movie, but it’s quite justifiable to watch. You can see how Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) strives hard to get attention from her boss, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). Andrea attempts to get attention from her boss since she wants to show Miranda that she deserves to work with her.

As an assistant of Miranda in Runaway magazine, Andrea tries very hard to do what she can do. This kind of spirit can be an example to all of us that we need to strive harder and harder and take everything seriously, because in the end everything will be paid off.


Well, even if this movie looks awkward to be put on the list, but you should see something from different angle on how Melissa McCarthy acts as Susan Cooper, a 40-year-old, single, desk-bound CIA employee.

This is a comedy drama which exposes the life of a CIA detective on doing her duty as agent. You can see how dedicated she is within the movie.

This spirit to neutralize any obstacle must be applied in our daily basis. We can implement the energy that Susan Cooper brings to defeat her enemies. You can imagine that your task and duties are your opponents, and you act as CIA agent who is ready to finish every single duty you have.

So, that’s all the movies you can watch as reference to boost up your mood after New Year holidays and long annual leaves. Let’s get back to work!


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