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Apply These Habits to Maximize your Performance at Work

By Dev Fazz - July 25, 2018
Apply These Habits to Maximize your Performance at Work

Your life at work will be quite dissimilar if you compare to your daily life outside the office. As a human being, you need to realize that each corner of your life e.g. work-life, community life, family even love life must be treated differently and properly. Due to that condition, we need to be adaptable in each situation we involve in.

As the capability to adapt is quite important, thus we are also required to make sure we have a good system to boost our mood at work or do some habits that can bring our spirit at work. If you think you need some tips on how to maximize your mood and performance at work, then we think you may try these on.

Have a breakfast and drink some hot tea or hot coffee

Recharge your energy in the morning by enjoying breakfast, hot tea or hot coffee. This activity may refill your endurance to go through your daily life on weekdays. Some people don’t usually have breakfast, and probably they have done it for years. However, applying breakfast as one of your morning routines can be impactful to support your metabolism and keep your blood sugar level stable, so that will be good for your stamina.

Arrange Priority List

Most people will use reminder application, google calendar, or sticky note to remind about what they have to do each day. It’s okay since it’s normal. Arranging a priority list within your note or email is such a good thing to do. You can remember what you’ll do without skipping any important deadlines.

Let’s try this tomorrow!

Be consistent and persistent

Moody is basically natural. However, when it periodically happens almost every day, then you need to cross check yourself to the psychiatrist. You can’t say that you are not in the mood when your team leader ask you to finish some duties, can you?

You have to keep remembering yourself that you are no longer teenagers. You are going to meet your adult-version, thus becoming consistent and persistent is a must!

Focus on what you have to do

Keep focusing on what you do is the ultimate key for everyone to get success. If you have been given some deadlines, then you have to show your best performance. That’s how the cycle of working at office runs.

Being focus will make you better because it helps you to concern in every single detail of your work. You can be more aware toward your duty. For example, you are an Editor, thus being meticulous is a must, right? How can you capture each mistake, typos or anything if you don’t habituate yourself to focus?

Being focus on your tasks is a reflection of a professionalism. Once you have implemented all habits above, then you can feel the good impact at the end of the day.

Now, how about you? Have you done each point above at your work?

Let’s implement each habit one by one 🙂


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