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Customer Centric and its Impact to the Business

By Dev Fazz - June 22, 2018
Customer Centric and its Impact to the Business

PAYFAZZ has reached its 2nd year within startup industry in Indonesia. A lot of things occured in these past 2 years, as the example we provide more features that integrated directly with basic needs of our customer. However, now we won’t be focusing about how our milestones have been achieved, but we’ll be sharing about how customer centric can be one of the most powerful weapon to boost up your business and create deep bonding with your customers.

It’s undoubtedly correct that customers are our assets, since they are our representative to spread out our existence. Applying customer centric is just like creating new direction to arrive at home. As long as it still stands under the exact coordinate, and relate with company’s mission then it’s absolutely fine.

Let’s open this by finding the definition of Customer centric. Customer centric is another version of method to run your business. It engages and involves customers to determine what company must apply and provide based on customer’s demand (customer-driven). It means that, final decision of your business (whether you are about to launch new products, promotion or any other programs to retain your customers) must involve customer’s demand as consideration.

Even if you have great Marketing team, but when you don’t listen to your customers, then it’s going to be useless. Great Marketing team evaluates customer’s input and integrates it into current mission that company wants to achieve.

Strengthen your business by implementing customer centric can be so much challenging yet interesting. If your company is on the way to apply this system, so it’s a good decision. Let’s see how strengthening business using customer centric can be so much impactful to the betterment of your business.

We are not ruled by Voldemort!

The way how Voldemort leads, is just example of how individual-centric happens, and no one praises that way. In this era we are no longer follow one-man voice, and most companies tend to listen to as much as possible inputs to elevate the business. Flexibility to absorb any kind of information currently is like our culture in almost all industries. Input and advice are just two essential variables to make a business gets bigger and bigger.

To make sure that your business can grow better and elevate in a right path, then having feedback from your employees, consumers and others are valid. It doesn’t mean that we need to hold on them, what we should highlight is, we need to shape our mindset that being assessed means that something brighter is coming. Those (customers) that keep complaining are too obsessed with our product/service. You can consider it as free feedback from freelance-consultant. That’s why sometimes market validation still relevant to be applied in any terms of your business.

Iron Man is like one of role model as Innovator

Research is something important in business. Your company needs to explore more things to find out how actually the market currently runs. When you enter the market, it’s like taking a ride on roller coaster. You’ll face the ups and downs.

Just like Tony Stark, as a superhero who wears Iron Man’s suit, he loves doing research and innovation to figure out flaws and fix them right a way. Even if Iron Man is just another fiction, but technology behind him or his character that full of energy to create change and betterment are not.

You need to keep digging to figure out your business’ flaws and find the right solution to solve them. Research in business can be done by applying several things, for example like research based on complain your company receives from the consumers, or even your co-workers from other divisions.

Don’t ignore what your customers throw at you, because it’s the right time for you to fix anything that goes out of the track. The key is be open-minded, don’t stop doing research and keep hunting flaws from your customer’s feedback to get solution at the end.

Customer Centric places Openness as priority upon everything just like The Incredibles family does 

You must be the big fans of The Incredibles family right? Where Mr. Incredible and the Elastigirl raise up Violet, Dash and Jack – jack. As family they are quite transparent and cooperative. This value you can uphold is basically essential. By being open and transparent to your customers, means that you indirectly drag your co-workers to adapt openness and transparent in the office.

The value of transparency can be applied in the daily basis, when your company is fulfilled by this value, you can see how huge the impact toward the company. It’s like building good image and branding for your company to be seen by your customers and other people.

Once your company is valued as transparent business, it will automatically invite new customers, because what we need beside quality of the product and good service is how serious the customers are given spaces to contribute within the business.

Get the trust just like Anna takes back Elsa’s trust

It must be frustrating when you can’t get trust from your customers. It’s like a white paper that being smudged by black spot. You can’t undo it.

However, within the business, you still have chance to get back the trust from your customer if only you can put stronger effort to grab it back. Remember how Anna can get her sister trust again that nothing is wrong with her, because that’s obviously amazing to own a super power.

Even if there are a lot energy to fix the situation, but that’s ok. The thing is, make sure you fix the flaws so your customers can value that your business is very responsible toward every single condition that happens around it.

What do you think? Still doubt? Don’t! Because nothing is more interesting than having connection with your customers this day.

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