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How to Avoid Bad Influence from Toxic People at Office

By Dev Fazz - July 16, 2018
How to Avoid Bad Influence from Toxic People at Office

If Captain America meets toxic people (his enemy that aims to bring the world down, a.k.a bad guys), he will destroy them and make sure the earth is no longer under global threat. Just like in the reality, toxic people is a disease we need to avoid to make ourselves stay clean.

Having colleagues at work is a good thing. They can help you to advance your career and assist you to develop. Symbiotic mutualism will be appearing within relation between co-workers. You will get a teammate to have a brainstorming session, remind you whenever your performance down, or anything else. However, besides trustworthy colleagues, there are some people who act out of the line, spread negativity and turn out to be toxic people.

Toxic people somehow can be dangerous.  They love to manipulate people and conditions. Toxic people are defined as those who don’t put professionality upon duty they should handle. Sometimes, these people also attempt to engage with others through bad approaches such as gossiping, giving excuses when his/her leader ask about the deadline and keep blaming others when their duties are out of deadlines. These situations must be avoided to make sure you don’t go into the dark side.

Now, the main point you should capture is on how to avoid bad influence from toxic people at the office. Let’s start the discussion!

Remember the reason why you’re here

One thing you need to remember when you meet toxic people at the office is, remember the reason why you’re here. Everyone has dreams, and goals, thus, to make it happens we need to keep doing the good thing. One factor that probably destructs your career is the influence of toxic people. They don’t support you, nor help you to develop. They only bring a dark aura that can trigger a bad impact on your focus. Utilize your energy as efficiently as possible to channel your creativity into your duty and don’t waste your time into something useless.

Remind yourself about the goals you set up

When you see bad influence is being dispersed, the thing you should do is keep reminding yourself about the goals you set up. Toxic people don’t care about your dreams or goals. They probably hate seeing you snatch some certain achievements at the end. One thing you can do is by surrounding yourself with positive people to ensure you don’t fall into this parasitic-zone.

Don’t involve too much

At the first impression, toxic people may not be really dominant, however, once you see another mask they use, then it’s your time to step back and find other positive vibes you can gather with. When you must connect with this parasitic-people and discuss about working, you have to make sure that the discussion only consists of working and duty you guys have to accomplish. Don’t involve to their personal business and stuff, because it seems like you start opening your gate to connect personally with them and it brings no good.

How about you, guys? Do you have any insight on how to avoid toxic-people at the office?

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