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Positive impacts you will get by joining Community Service or Community Development outside your Office

By Dev Fazz - January 15, 2018
community development

As human, we were born to be a social-human-being. Our skill and life somehow, are meant to help, serve and contribute to other people too. It doesn’t matter if you are workers, students or whatever you are. You have right to mingle and involve within community or organization outside your office network.

We keep juggling around every day with our duty and task at office, sometimes we should give extra powers to achieve targets or deadlines. Somehow, it turns out to be very stressful. This happens because we give full attention to our job duty without giving any day break.

Contributing within certain community is a part of self-actualization. By joining social community you can channel your stress into something positive. Social community and become volunteer can drag your social side coming to the surface.

Here, let’s discuss about some positive impacts you will get by joining community service or community development outside your office.

Give you experience about sharing and giving

There is a term claiming that there must be “Take and Give” at life, however by volunteering yourself in community you’ll find out that “The more you give and share, the more happiness you achieve”. By joining some certain communities like teaching students under the bridge, or giving some sharing session with orphans, can be an unforgettable moment you can do.

Teach you how to be more sensitive toward condition surround you

Often, we use our time and focus at work. We need to accomplish some duties, tasks and deadlines. These situations are quite hard. Sometimes those situations drain our energy.

Reconnecting yourself to another dimension of life by being a volunteer, can be another experience to recharge your mind and soul.

The spirit you will get from another people inside volunteering area can give you extra energy to run your life.

Scale up your soft skill out of office

Often, we are obliged to master some certain skills at office. We need to be a good public speaker to talk inside the meeting or become a good marketer who have excellent interpersonal skill. By joining and contributing yourself inside the community, your skill will be trained indirectly. So, you have spaces to scale up yourself.

Gain more connection from different backgrounds

Those who love to commit inside some certain social communities come from different backgrounds. Sometimes you’ll be surprised that those volunteers work as lecturer, doctor, manager, supervisor, banker, lawyer, even entrepreneur and policeman in the reality.

This is a good time and moment for you to strengthen your connection and add your circle. So, engage with other volunteers can be a good choice for you.

Humanize your soul

If you think you have settled with your current condition, that’s fine. However, as a human being, the real value of being a human is when we can understand and have the feeling of tolerant and respect. There are many unlucky people out there who have different condition with us, even worse. Then, maybe we can exchange positive energy by spending our time with them.

So, those are positive impacts you will get by joining community service or community development outside your office. Let’s engage and get the benefits of being a part of the volunteers.