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Refreshment: Act As If You Are Collecting Dragon Balls

By Dev Fazz - January 22, 2018

Workplace is just another stopping by destination within our life. Most people go to the office for doing some certain jobs to support their financial demand.

Within the office, we connect with our co-workers. This zone is another inspiring circle you can engage. At the same time, working is not always about getting money and accomplishing deadlines, sometimes it’s about elevating your personal brand, soft-skills and self-actualization.

Those are not easy things to snatch in short term, but it’s absolutely possible to embrace.

Imagine that you are included in Goku Squad in Dragon Ball Z, where your first mission is to collect all the seven dragon balls. During the journey, you’ll see and face many obstacles, dramas and challenges you must conquer with your own power.

That’s exactly what happens at workplace. You need to collect those seven dragon balls to achieve your greater goals in the end of the day. Those dragon balls can scale up your existence and value as human being, employee and individual.

So, let’s take a look what seven dragon balls you should acquire!

Increase internal bonding with your co-workers

Being in a team with new people or strangers is just another phase in your journey. Sometimes, being a part of the team turns out to be so hard for some people, because they need to adapt and build connection. But for some people, it’s an easy thing to do.

Internal bonding is necessary to apply. Co-workers are just another asset for you. They have important role within your circle and being intimate with co-workers as close-friend is just another Dragon Balls you must collect.

Learn to be more empathy and respect others

As human being, we are gifted with heart and feeling. We can sense stimulation from outside. Thus, there is a term of social-human-being for all living soul like us.

In our daily basis, problem is embedded to our life. When you find out one of your co-workers involves in a problem, try to give them support. Sometimes, to create strong supporting system, you should become the pioneer to initiate it.

Start to manage your time and energy

Train and push yourself to be a better person who respect the time and energy. It’s about healing yourself from tiredness.

Even Goku, Picolo, and Bejita need to sleep and take a rest after combating. So, taking care of yourself is just an important thing to do.

Remember, you are not Android 16 or 17 since you’re human being who need to calm your body system. Charge yourself by resting your mind, soul and emotion.

Get as many as possible chances to learn many things

Working is not only about work. Somehow, it’s also about how you can get many things to learn. Experience aims to color your days and conflict aims to train you facing hard stuff in life. Make sure every single day you go to the office, you can bring up positive things to learn at home.

Scale up your soft and hard skills

Being adult is not only about developing your soft skills. You should build and scale up your capacity both in soft and hard skill. In this era, everything changes quickly. You can’t just stay and satisfy to what you’ve been understood. Go farer and dig deeper to everything that can support your career. That’s really matter!

Engage more connection

As employee, it doesn’t mean you are just another minion who should finish some certain duties. You have chances to connect with other people around you outside the office. If you work as design graphic at your office, maybe you can gather with Graphic Designer community at your town and exchange business card. This can be your gold opportunity to engage with new people.

Develop yourself as an individual who have strong leadership

During your period at work, sometimes you are in charge as leader to lead certain projects, aren’t you? It’s like the real simulation for you and the right time to practice your leadership skill. Managing team, deadlines and make sure everything under control are too cool to be true. You can explore your creativity and drop your ideas to ensure you can execute it well.

So, how many Dragon Balls you have gotten?


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