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What’s your color, Rangers?

By Dev Fazz - March 8, 2018
power rangers

Do you still remember the-franchise-series of Power Rangers that appear every once a week in Sunday morning? Yes, a group of young people mainly consist of 5 individuals who take role as crime-executor and superhero for civilians.

Power Rangers was a phenomenal that paralyzed all 90’s kids on those days. As its tagline “GO GO POWER RANGERS!” keep reverberating within our mind, especially those who went through 90’s era.

Commonly, the team consist of 5 rangers who have different characters, powers, and colors. Mostly, the colors are dominated with red, blue, black, yellow, and pink. Several series of Power Rangers expose white as its part inside the squad.

Each color has its uniqueness. The colors correspond to the way they deal with circumstances and situation. The colors reflect their genuine character which eventually build powerful strength and great bonding between the members.

Talking about colors, what’s your favorite color? And do you think your favorite color represents you as individual? Or, are you still seeking for your true color? Let’s find out how each color of Power Ranger can delineate your characters.


Mostly, red is symbolized as a team-lead-color. Red rangers in all series are mainly dedicated to take in charge as leader of the squad. Red rangers are described as the most highly-dedicated, and the bravest character among of all. Red is an icon for high-spirited character, strength, and passionate.

How about you at office? Do you like being a team-lead who manage a bunch of co-workers to execute projects? Then, your color might be Red.


Blue Ranger in some series is described as meticulous person who can deliver his idea through some experiments. Usually, Blue Rangers are associated with loyalty, focus, and conscientious. They always stand by and in charge as second hand of the team.

If you think you love to analyze something, and do research upon some issues, probably your true color is the Blue one.


Black is defined as something mysterious. Most people associate Black with something dark and gloomy. Often, this color is abandoned by majority because it symbolizes evil and black-power.

However, in Power Rangers, Black Ranger seems to be very different with the description above. Black Ranger can be defined as cool, confident, dare to be different, and masculine.

Who agree that Black is the new version of fashion? LOL. Kidding.

Maybe some people might judge that Black is so old-fashioned and it represents sadness or darkness. But that concept is no longer relevant with current era.

For those who believe that Black is the new symbol of strength, power and limitless spirit please raise your hand!


In some series of Power Rangers, Yellow Ranger is played by Women, but in other series its role is taken by Men. Yellow has meaning to persuade people with warmth. It represents cheerfulness.

Yellow can boost up your motivation and spirit to do more since it can leverage your creativity. Putting some yellow ornaments above your work desk, probably can boost creativity.

Even more, this yellow color can fix your mood. So, if you need a little help from this yellow-color, then you may start to seek some yellow-ornaments.

Do you love Yellow, too? Look around! Perhaps, your creativity is influenced by this color.


Pink, the ultimate symbol of feminism, is always embedded to the character of Pink Ranger, Kimberly. Basically, Pink represents sweetness, sensitivity, and friendly. Everything associates with Pink is considered with something nice and girly.

However, behind those sweet words, Pink Ranger has successfully put another image for Pink color. Pink Ranger can show to the audiences, that Pink isn’t only about something girly. There is a bazillion of power lies inside Pink Ranger. The idea of feminism currently isn’t only about girly-stuff, but more than that. It also symbolizes how woman can be independent human being and strong creature with all of potential they have.



White Ranger sometimes appears as the sixth ranger in the series. White Ranger is described as complementary Ranger to make the formation stronger.

In the other hand, White color is interpreted as a symbol of freedom and unencumber. If you want to create less-burden situation, then give some spaces for White to decorate your desk.

Do you like to wear white shirt at the office? Then guess what?! You may be the helper for your friends when they’re in trouble. Just like White Ranger who keep supporting the-five-others when they’re trapped within serious circumstances.

How about you? Have you found your color? Or do you think that you have known your true color? No matter what your color is, as long as you can be good, do good, and keep being you, then everything will be awesome!

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