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Why does the Company Need Talents instead of Employees?

By Dev Fazz - July 10, 2018
Why does the Company Need Talents, Instead of Employees

Inside every single recruitment banner that you see flying around in your Linkedin timeline, perhaps you may find some magic words like “the best talent” or “the most outstanding people” and etc. Have you ever noticed that you, yourself, are one of the shortlisted candidates that those companies want? Have you ever wondered what you have fulfilled toward their requirements? Well, it’s quite hard to be understood, logically.

Each company is unique, we don’t know their internal condition of what candidates they want, what characters of the candidate they demand and so on. The thing is, we need to be unique. Just like the Marketer or Product Owner keep saying, “Uniqueness can be the most powerful variable to sell something in the market when it meets the exact demand”.

Well, even if we as people, basically not a product, but we have something that tangible and needs to be offered, such as our talent, skill, and personality.

Company loves profile of someone who can suit with its value and environment. They tend to seek a candidate who offers something instead of someone who asks to be commanded to do something.

Then, the question is, why does the company need talents instead of employees? People may be wondering what’s the big difference between talent and employee. Literally, both of them have similar meaning like someone who works under such company. However specifically, there is something that distinguishes between these two terms.

The tendency when people using employee is, someone who only work for the company and do all the obligation, duty, deadline and stuff. They are hired to finish what the company wants in the end. They may be labeled as the member of the company who is recruited to assist their boss in achieving deadlines. That’s it.

However, there are some reasons why currently company and startup using the term of talent when they share about recruitment information in social media. Here are the reasons why,

Repair the system by labeling a new brand

If you experienced talking with your older relatives in your family, you may find differences between current condition with theirs in the past. For baby boomers generation, the office can be defined as a place to finish deadline. That’s it. They only demand to accomplish their duties and get the benefit from it.

However, in this current millennial era, most people demand something more. They demand self-development to upgrade their quality, like the quality of the intellectual side, knowledge aspects and networking.

So, the meaning of talents is associated with something brilliant, out of the box, and outstanding.

Company demands Agent of Change, not just another follower

The Agent of Change is known as someone or a group of people who act differently and revamp old perception in any aspect to create revolutionary movement at the end. They expect organic change peacefully without endless conflict in it.

Company loves to have someone who can offer a solution for their obstacles and secure it. It’s too classic when you ask about what you have to do since people will be more interesting to those who can be an absolute problem solver.

Just like Your Phone and Data Cellular, Soft and Hard skill are inseparable

Hard skill is the basic thing you need to develop as well as soft skill. Both of them are the most fundamental thing in the work field currently. You can’t stand by only relying upon one side. Hard skill can be important, but some companies will choose candidates who can show their respect, attitude, manner, and things that connect to the personality.

Leadership is an A+ variable

Even if the term of leadership is not in the priority list when the company is seeking a new talent, however when they meet someone who is full-package and show the quality as a leader, then their decision may come to this talent.

Leadership is defined as independence. This is necessarily needed when someone is obliged to handle the big duty. Their tendency to take a quick decision, capability to research and their sensitivity upon everything is undoubtedly important.

Let’s prepare to be a brilliant talent, not only a common follower who accomplishes deadlines.

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