Payfazz is inviting Indonesian Greatest Talents to join Us to Change The World with Technology.

Interested in creating the future?

At Payfazz, we believe that the future is created by great talents who have passion and dare to do so.

GREAT Mindset

Payfazz’s core value is uniting Great People in a Great Team to create Great Future for The World with 3 core mindsets:
Payfazz Growth


We have no respect for the status quo and comfort zone. Instead, we believe that tough times and pain are the biggest opportunity for Growth. Tough times combined with our Resilience will only make us better. The pain we feel today is the source of our strength tomorrow. We continuously leave our comfort zone and put ourselves at tough times to keep growing and succeeding.

Payfazz A-Class

A - Class

We never compromise on our quality. A-Class quality lies within Payfazz’s DNA and we just can’t live without it. We apply this approach in every dimension of our company. We only recruit A-Class people, build A-Class team, create A-Class product and deliver A-Class performance. We always aim for the A-Class as we believe that it is the only way to succeed.

Payfazz Think Big

Think Big

We always Think Big as it helps us to find game-changing, disruptive and revolutionary ideas to change the world. Our main purpose is to invent and create The Next Big Thing that will push human race forward and Think Big definitely helps us to make it happen. It’s part of our daily life to Think Big on how to challenge and disrupt the status quo, beyond existing limits and possibilities.

Join Payfazz Now !

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,
are the ones who do
Steve Jobs
Payfazz Business Expertise (PBE)

Payfazz Business Expertise (PBE)

  • Accounting, Finance
  • Business Development
  • Marketing, Digital Marketing
  • Legal
Payfazz Technology Expertise (PTE)

Payfazz Technology Expertise (PTE)

  • Security
  • Android, iOS, Frontend
  • Backend
  • Infrastructure
Payfazz Experience Expertise (PXE)

Payfazz Experience Expertise (PXE)

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Illustrator
  • Photographer
If you are crazy enough to join us, please send your 1 page CV & max 500 words essay of “Why you must be part of Payfazz Great Team” to , with subject Expertise-Role-Name (e.g. PTE-Security-Amanda).