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What We Do


PAYFAZZ opens financial access by empowering 100K+ kiosks in rural areas, providing them a gateway to become financial agents.

Millions of Indonesia unbanked population can use PAYFAZZ Agent to access financial services, from bill payment & money transfer to saving & loan.

PAYFAZZ help Indonesian in places where they need us most.

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Our Cultures

We believe that PAYFAZZ is the right step towards building Indonesia.
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Start small

Start small

In PAYFAZZ we believe that every work is meaningful, nothing is too big or too small. Every e-mail, presentation, and code has built what we have today. Give your best in every step of the way, and in turn, you will make something amazing happen.

take a lead

Take a lead

We believe that everyone is capable to improve the status quo. Here at PAYFAZZ, we encourage everyone to take a lead in doing their work. By giving them the autonomy and ownership that they need, they will unleash their creativity and keep looking for the best practice.

eager to grow

Eager to grow

In every part of our work, there is always room for improvement and growth. We believe that every moment is an opportunity to improve yourself and your work. People at PAYFAZZ are encouraged to learn hard, work hard, and play hard.

pro customer

Pro customer

Be thoughtful and alert to the needs of others. We act to understand and respond appropriately by always upholding integrity as well as being aware of the risk in everything we do.

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Engineering and Technology

Our work is ultimately a creative art. We paintbrush in programming languages. We love the act of coding just as much as how we want to make an impact to billions of people.

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Product Innovation

We collaborate to build a groundbreaking innovation, from a game-changing idea to a product launch. Not only to promote the success of a product, but also to maximize our impact on society.

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Design and UI/UX

Optimizing product interface and crafting a great design that build seamless experience.

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People Operations

It’s always about people. You cannot make your customers happy if your employees are unhappy. Our focus is built around 3 key areas: how to get the right people, how to grow them and how to retain them.

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Business Strategy

Sitting at a center of the company, we invest our time in identifying opportunities, validating and implementing growth strategies.

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Finance and Accounting

The team sets up the foundation of all the ideas within PAYFAZZ since our future here relies on how the capital is allocated.

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Marketing and Sales

Driven by passion and creativity, our team translate the complex data into a meaningful insights to increase the reach of our products so more people can experience the benefits.

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Other Cool Roles

Doesn’t matter how strong our tech and product teams are. Our initiatives will not work without a strong supporting function such as risk, compliance, legal, etc. They give us the support and protection we need.

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